Control System Projects

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List of Control System Projects

IOT Based Underground Cable Fault Monitoring System

Most of the communication network is installed under the ground with the help of wires this system can be installed at various points in to monitor the wires if any of the wire gets damaged then it sends the alert message to a web server with the details of faulty wire and the approximate location.

Electrical distribution control System

It controls four different zones, for time control electrical distribution system.

IOT Based Home Automation

In this project we are utilizing the concept of the Internet of the Things (IOT)  for the home automation with the help of this project we can control anything available in the household from anywhere in the world by using internet for this we purpose we are using an mobile applications.

P.C. Controlled Wireless Home Automation 

In this project, we show that we can control electrical appliances with the help of computer, RF module and microcontroller based assembly. Microcontroller is connected to the PC via the parallel port.  This project can control up to 4 units with the help of PC output with RF technology.

Transformer Wireless Protection

This project is designed for continually monitoring the parameters of the Transformer's, to protect them from any kind of damage from overheat, overload. For measuring it we are using temperature sensors and current sensors connected with a microcontroller which measures and displays the value on the LCD and if any of the parameters reaches the critical conditions then it shut-downs the transformer for the safety.

IR Visitor System With Energy Saver

This project counts the number of people entering a room, and switches ON the light according to the gathering inside the room. Similarly, as the gathering decreases light goes OFF and the count decreases. This project uses IR sensor to detect a person. To switch ON/OFF the light, we are using relay which is interfaced to microcontroller.

Zigbee Based Home Automation

It is a wireless home automation system in which we have a remote with the buttons and a Zigbee with the transmitter when we press a button signal is send to the other Zigbee at the receiver and then to the microcontroller which controls the appliances with the help of relays.

Electricity Consumption Meter Observer Using GSM

It is very widely used project in industry and homes. It keeps the track on electricity meter and whenever it exceeds the pre-defined value it sends the message to user. Secondly, it sends the electricity bill and units consumed to the user after the month.

RTC Based Irrigation System

In this project we have designed an irrigation system, this system is based on Real Time Clock with which we have attached a microcontroller which reads the time from the RTC and operates the pump on the fixed time to water the fields for irrigation.

Bluetooth Controlled Industry Automation

In this project we can control different appliances or machines used in the industry just by using a smart phone like Android Devices in which we have an application installed for controlling all these things.

Current Measurement With Auto Cut-Off

It measures the current of our load. As the load increases from the predefined current value, supply voltage goes OFF automatically. When the load comes within the predefined limits, supply goes ON automatically. Current measure by the CT transformer is not the actual current of load. It is just a rational current. It includes CT, microcontroller, and ADC, LCD and cut-off circuit.

Temperature Controlled Wireless Industry Control

It measures the temperature of specific point in the industry and transmits it to the control room, where it is used to take the appropriate action.

Android Home Automation

In this project we are controlling home appliances with the help of application based on android with this we can control anything in the home such as Fan, Bulb, TV and Sockets etc.

Fuzzy Logic Based Farming System

This project implies the concept of fuzzy logic in the agriculture, in this we uses the soil moisture sensor to detect the moisture level of the soil and depends on that microcontroller takes the decision that how much water needs to dispense to the machine.

Sensor City

It includes variety of sensors which are very common in industry, agriculture and domestically e.g. temperature sensor, rain, fire, smoke and LDR sensors.

Current Control System

This project checks the current level (not absolute value) by current sensing coil. The circuit is switched off if current flow overloads. Overload is displayed on LCD.

Free Hand Controlled Home Appliances

In this project, we control the home appliances with the freehand movement of user. It is very useful for physically disabled persons. A user can on/off appliances as per his hand movements.

Fan Speed Control Using Temperature

In this project, speed of fan varies according to the current temperature of room. As temperature increases, speed of fan increases and as the temperature of room decreases, speed of fan decreases. Fan used in this project is DC fan (used in motherboards). This project includes fan, temperature sensor, ADC and microcontroller.

Furnace/ Boiler Temperature Control

Its function is to maintain the boiler temperature within the limits. When the boiler temperature exceeds beyond pre defined limit, fan goes on automatically to lower the temperature. Same circuit can be used to switch some other cooling equipment.

Smart Irrigation

It is a irrigation based project in which we have connected a sensor to monitors the soil moisture level to maintain it at a fixed level if the value goes down the minimum level it turn on the pump automatically and turn it off when it reaches the max value.

Voice Control Home Automation

In this home automation project we are using voice identification modules which identifies the voice and compares the speech with stored one and if both matches it sends the signal to the microcontroller which then operates the appliances in the rooms.

Automatic Bottle Filling With Capping

In this project, we present the concept of automatic bottle filling and capping system used in the industry (like soft drink industry). This project consists of a conveyor, sensor assembly and a pump. When conveyor moves, then firstly sensor bottle is filled up for a predefined time and then again conveyor moves further till capping sensor. At this sensor, a vertical arm moves down and caps the bottle. This project has power supply circuit, microcontroller, LCD, motor circuits and sensor assembly.

IR Visitor And Energy Saver

This project counts the number of people who enter a room and switches “ON” the light according to the gathering inside the room. Same way as the gathering decreases lights goes “OFF” and the counting decreases. This project uses IR sensor to detect person. To ‘switch’ the light we are using relay, which are interfaced to microcontroller. A LCD is used to display the gathering of persons.

Power Failure Indicator

It indicates the power line failure to the specific machine or appliance.  We can use it by two ways:

  1. Power failure is shown on LCD by the wired connections. It includes microcontroller and LCD.
  2. Power failure to some limited distant by the use of RF concept. It includes microcontroller, LCD and RF module.

Mobile Irrigation

It is a mobile based project. In this, mobile sets are used to control the remote appliances. In this project, an AC pump/motor (representing actual 1 phase AC motor) is controlled by the mobile set.

Adjustable Temperature-control Device

According to this project, we can adjust the temperature according to our requirements. In this project, a real life home appliance will come in action according to the present temperature. It includes a menu to adjust the switching temperature of appliance (A.C. or Fan). This project includes a temperature sensor, microcontroller, Menu pad, LCD and relays.

GSM Controlled Home Appliances

Its function is to switch on/off our home appliances with the help of GSM. In this, a mobile phone (acting as a GSM receiver) is connected with home appliances, which controls the switching on/off of home appliances. We can use any GSM mobile to control the home appliances.

Android Based Servo Motor Control

Servo motors are widely used in the field of robotics and aeronautics in this project we are controlling a servo motor from a Android Device for which are using Bluetooth Module and Microcontrollers.

Automatic Fan Direction control for workshop

It is a very effective to approach to save the energy and maximum utilization of power in workshops. As we know, in workshops, worker has to move here and there and it becomes very tuff for them to work when it is hot. In this project we will make a intelligent fan which will find out the human being’s location and rotate as per his location means as the worker moves fan direction also moves. Circuits used in project are PIR circuit, microcontroller, and motor Circuit.

P.C. Controlled Electrical Appliances

In this project, we show that we can control electrical appliances with the help of computer and microcontroller based assembly. Microcontroller is connected to the PC via parallel port which is unique feature of embedded system control hardware.

Pre-paid Energy Meter

It is a prepaid energy meter. We have to pay first to use the electricity. If balance is zero, then we can’t use the electricity. We can recharge our energy meter by two methods. It is not the real life feasible project. It is just to show the concept of pre-paid energy meter.

  1. By the use of RF principle: - In this, we have a wireless keypad at electricity center. This is used to recharge our energy meter. It includes RF module, microcontroller, LCD and relay.
  2. By the use of GSM principle: - In this, our GSM mobile is used to recharge the energy meter. It includes a microcontroller, DTMF, LCD and relay.

1 – Phase Automatically Selector Among 3-Phase Power Supply

It is an intelligent system for 1-phase load. It automatically shifts load to second phase if first phase goes off and so on.

Green Bee

It uses a variety of sensor which includes temperature sensor, fire sensor, rain sensor and LDR sensor. It continuously shows the status of all sensors on LCD. It also includes LCD and microcontroller.

IOT Based Irrigation System

It is wireless IOT based control system in which we can control water pumps in the agricultural lands remotely from the android application. Which works on the internet, Wi-Fi module connected in with motor receives the signal and controls the motor to start and stop it

IR Road Energy Saver

It saves the electricity from street lights of road, when road is free from traffic. According to this project, lights will be automatically switched ON when a vehicle is detected on road. Here, we have a road track with two sensors on both the sides of the lights which continuously check for the vehicles. The lights are switched ON/OFF according to the situation on road.

Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer With Higher And Lower Cut Off 

It utilizes a servo to control the low and high voltage of AC power supply. It automatically cuts the power supply if it is below/above the predefined voltage levels.

RF Controlled Electrical Devices

It is a wireless controlled home appliances system. In this, we use the concept of RF communication. RF means Radio Frequency. We use the radio waves to communicate with the transmitter and receiver end.  We are using a RF transmitter and receiver module, so that transmitter end can communicate with receiver end. A key pad is attached with the RF transmitter which acts as a Controlling key Pad. RF receiver is mounted with the electrical system, which continuously receives the transmitted data. According to received data, microcontroller takes decision and switches ON/OFF the various home appliances. In this, transmitter sends data which is received by RF receiver and processed by microcontroller and finally microcontroller takes decision according to received data. It includes RF modules, microcontroller, LCD, and relays.

Boiler Temperature Control

This project maintains the boiler temperature within limits. If the temperature exceeds the predefined limit, fan gets on automatically to lower the temperature. Same circuit can be used to switch some other cooling equipment. This project includes temperature sensor, microcontroller, LCD and relays.

Touch Screen Based Home Appliances

In this project, we are using the touch technology to switch on/off the home appliances. In this, we are using microcontroller, touch screen, power supply and relay circuits

Solar Tracker

Generally, solar panels are stationary and do not follow the movement of sun. Here is a solar tracker system that tracks the sun’s movement across the sky and tries to maintain the solar panel perpendicular to the sun’s rays, ensuring that the maximum amount of sunlight is incident on the panel throughout the day. The solar tracker starts following the sunlight from dawn, throughout the day, till dusk and starts all over again from the dawn the next day.

IOT Based Industrial Automation

This project is used for industrial automation over the internet by using IOT and the web applications we just have need to open a web page in the browser and control the devices from the buttons in the web page.

Over Voltage And Current Wireless Indication

This system helps users by providing them the wireless notification of over voltage and current. This is RF based project. This project consists of CT and PT to detect the overload and voltage and whenever it detects any error, it transmits the data wirelessly to user using the RF communication. This project includes CT, PT, power supply, RF circuits, LCD and buzzer circuits.

1 Phase Auto Selector With SMS Alert 

It is very useful project in the industry. It eliminates the manual shifting of load from one phase to another phase and at the same time it sends the message to user. This project consists of GSM Modem, PT, power supply circuit, 232 level converter, LCD display and relay circuits.

Temperature Controlled Applications/Machines

In this project, various home appliance/machines are switched on/off according to the current room temperature. This project includes temperature sensor, ADC, microcontroller, LCD and relays.

Transformer overheat protection 

It has been often seen that transformer blow out when it is overheated. In this project we will implement a temperature sensor at the transformer and whenever temperature exceeds the specific value it triggers the cooling fan.

Speech Controlled wireless Home Automation

In this project we can control our home appliances with the voice commands, e.g. lights on, lights off etc. for this we are using a microcontroller, Bluetooth, and an Android application.

“Entry” & “Exit” Gate Counter

This project is applicable in some public places like Shopping Malls. Basic function of this project is to count the number of “entered visitors” and “visitors that exit”, and display the count. This project includes IR sensors, LCD and microcontroller.

Wireless Speed Control Of AC Motor 

In this project, we wirelessly control the speed of AC motor by using the TRIAC and RF modules.

Water Pump Control System with GSM

It is a wireless control system for controlling the water pump for the irrigation purpose in the agriculture lands. In this we are using GSM Mobile Network to send a message to the GSM modem which is connected to the microcontroller and relays to operate the pump.

Countdown Timer

Set the numeric value on display and start the switch, when 0 circuits are on/off automatically.

Programmable Electrical Distribution

In this project, we show that how we control the electrical distribution with different timings control. All the timings are control by the embedded digital clock. We control on time and off time for all the four different outputs with the help of menu driven software.

Overload Shut Down With SMS Alert 

In the modern era of electronics, every machine is automatic and at most of the times machines run without the presence of any human being. This system tells the user about overload on machine due to any problem by sending a text message to the user and thus the user can get alert against unwanted shutdown for a long time.

IOT Based Industry Protection System

It is a security system which can be installed in every industry to measure all the important parameters and update them on the companies server from which it can be monitor if any of the parameter crosses the critical level it sends the alert notification for taking important steps to stabilize the condition.

Auto Power Supply Control from 4 Different Sources

This project is a uninterrupted power supply system in which we having power from 4 different ways like air, water turbines, solar panels and generators if any of the mode is turned of it switches to the next for providing power to the system uninterrupted.

Smart Mobile Irrigation System 

This project has unique application in the field of agriculture. It eliminates the problem of farmers by providing them a very feasible system like they can check the status of water in their crops and at the same time they can control the status of water pump from their mobile handset. As this project is GSM based, so there is no limitation.

Dual Power Supply With KEYPAD And DISPLAY

This project has various DC Voltages (5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 24V, -5V,-9V,-12V,-15V,-24V) at a common output terminal. We can select any voltage at our terminal by the keypad. An LCD is used to display the current value of voltage at the output terminal. This project includes microcontroller, keypad, LCD, relays and different power supplies.

Gesture Controlled Home Automation

This project is used to control the home appliances with the hand gesture of the person; this project is designed for the physical disable persons who are on wheelchair to control the appliances by their hand gestures. For this we are using accelerometer, RF Modules, microcontroller and relays.

AC Motor Speed Control Using Power TRIAC

In this project, we control the speed of AC motor by using the TRIAC and microcontroller.

Palace Power Management system

It will help to minimize the electricity bills in palaces, where generally we waste a lot of electricity. When people start to leave palace, because no one particularly is responsible to make lights off, it will automatically switches off the light depending upon the gathering in the palace.

Programmable Switching Control for Industry Automation

It is a switching device which includes an RTC based digital clock in this project we can control two or more loads at a fixed time which we can enter in to the microcontroller from the switches connected with it.

Up-Down Lift With LCD

In this project, we represent a lift with LCD display on it. We have a keypad menu to select the floor location of the building. After getting the floor number as input it, will move to that particular floor. (Wooden work not included).

Temperature Dependent Speed Of DC Motor 

In this, DC motor’s speed varies according to the current temperature. As the temperature decreases, speed decreases and vice versa. To control the speed of DC motor, PWM is used.

Street Light Control With Morning Alarm 

During the night a bulb of 220V AC will glow which will automatically get off during the day time. In the morning, an alarm will blow representing the start of day.

Substaion Control Using GSM Message

In this project we are using the GSM Communication for operating the Substation for powering the different areas. In this we are using a GSM Modem, Microcontroller and Relays to control the electricity to the different areas. It can be used in the situation where one substation got failed and we have to shift the load to the other one.

Induction Motor Protection

This system is designed to protect motors from getting burned out by the overheat, in this project we are attaching a temperature sensor with the motor which reads the value of temperature and sends it to the microcontroller which displays it on the LCD, when it reaches the critical limit it shut down the supply of the motor for protecting it.

IOT Based Smart Green House System

Green house systems are designed for indoor agriculture where we have to monitor and control various environmental parameters, for measuring the parameters we have to install various sensors all of this data is collected by an microcontroller and send to the other device over the internet form where we can control lights, fans, water etc. and monitor all the conditions on a computer screen or smart phone.

Temperature Control For Spa 

This project controls the temperature level of spa room with preset able control and maintains the temperature by cut off / on the unit.

RTC Based Geyser

Geyser is a most common device used in the winters to heat up the water, in this project we are designing an automatic system which switch on the geyser at a fixed time daily. For which we are using RTC, Microcontroller and relays.

Smart Stove

This project is designed for making an electronic stove to be controlled by an Android application and also there are sensors attached which stops the stove. For the wireless communication between the stove and smart phone we are using Bluetooth modules.

PLC Based Automatic Alarm System in Plants

It is an industrial application based system in which we uses various sensors to measure different things like measuring temperature of the boiler, when it gets a specific condition it alerts the user by raising an alarm.

Intelligent Power Management System

In the modern era of technology, we come across various wireless control systems for our appliances or machines. Apart from the wireless switching of appliances, the working hours of machines plays a vital role, which depends majorly on the power supply. This project will help us to keep the track of power supply cuts. In this project, an intelligent system will observe the AC mains and it will notify about the status of AC mains to the user. At the same time, a mobile is connected with the same circuit which will be used to switch on/off the appliances or machines.

Electricity Theft Monitoring System

Electricity theft is one of the major issues in the present world, this project is used to check for the power theft, in this we are using CT coils to measure the power consumed by the user if user is consuming power more than they are authorized this system shut downs the entire supply and alert the Electrical department using GSM.

Temperature Measurement & Transmission Using IR

It measures the temperature of an object and sends it to the receiver end wirelessly by the use of IR rays. This project uses a temperature sensor, an ADC and IR channel, Transmission of data to receiver end is limited by distance factor.

Power Line Failure Detection System

This project is used here to check the power lines in the electricity grid, if any of the lines get failed due to any reason this system sends the alert to the control room wirelessly with the RF technology in which we have attached a buzzer and led to display which line is failed.

Underground Fault Detection

This Project is designed for detecting wire breakage in the underground cables which are mostly used in everywhere in the world, for the communication network. In this we have designed a circuit which continually measures the wires if there is any kind of breakage in the wires then it displays on the LCD.