PLC System Projects

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List of PLC System Projects

PLC Based Car Parking System

It is an automatic car parking system which is designed with the help of an PLC, Sensors and the Motors, when a car approaches the door for entry PLC checks for the status if there is slot available for parking if it is available barrier automatically opens and closed after car crosses it same on the exit gate barrier automatically controls by the PLC this all works with the inputs from the sensors.

PLC Irrigation Controller in Agriculture

This system is used for irrigation purpose to control water supply to the lands it is connected with the sensors to check the level of the soil if it is dry then it automatically turns on the pump.

PLC Based Colour Mixer

Color mixer is a industrial machine which we can use to mix various colors to make some specific colors in the limited quantity all this is programmed in the PLC. We have designed a conveyor which is stopped by the sensors fixed on them.

PLC Based Home Automation

This is a home automation project based on the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) in this we are using various sensors to operate lights, fans and water pumps etc.

PLC Based Lift

It is a working model of a lift in the building in this we have created two floors which are controlled by a PLC, with the help of sensors and the buttons. We are using a DC Motor for moving lift up and down.

PLC Based Automatic Alarm System in Plants

It is an industrial application based system in which we uses various sensors to measure different things like measuring temperature of the boiler, when it gets a specific condition it alerts the user by raising an alarm.

PLC Based Railway Crossing

Railway crossing is the very commonly seen thing in the world in this project we have designed a system in which we have installed the sensors on the track to check for the train if the train is coming barriers get down automatically and when train crosses the track barrier opens automatically so no operative is required.