Robotics Projects

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List of Robotics Projects

P.C. Controlled Robotic Arm

This project controls all the six movements of robotic arm with the help of computer. We control the robotic arm with the help of VB based software. Here, we use parallel port interfacing with hardware and three different motors.

Head Motion Based Wheel Chair

This wheelchair is designed for the person who is physically disable, with the help of this wheelchair person can control it by using his head motion, we designed an transmitter for the person which is attached on a cap on its head. To control the wheelchair we have attached and accelerometer, RF Modules, Microcontroller, Relays and DC Motors.


It is being used widely in the era of defense and research. It resembles the concepts of aeronautics. It used BLDC motor, ESC, Wireless remote, Lippo-battery and frame.

RF Accident System

It is a wireless accident system in which each vehicle has its own RF transmitter with vehicle number. Here the accident is represented by a switch. When a switch is pressed then it shows that particular vehicle has met with an accident and it will notify the control room. It includes RF modules, microcontroller and LCD.

P.C. Controlled Smart Car (RF Based)

In this project, we show that we can control the movement of any car with the help of computer and microcontroller. We send commands from our PC which are detected by the microcontroller and converted into a RF signal. A wireless RF receiver is placed on the car which receives the commands and acts accordingly.

Free Hand Controlled Wireless Robot

It is a wireless fist controlled robot. In this, we are using the concept of RF communication and MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System). We read the free hand axis. We use the radio waves for communication between the transmitter and the receiver end.  We use a RF transmitter and receiver module, so that transmitter can communicate with receiver end. An encoded data from accelerometer is attached with the RF transmitter which acts as a Controlling unit. RF receiver is mounted with robot, which continuously receives the transmitted data. According to received data, microcontroller takes decision and moves the robot in some particular direction. In this transmitter sends data, which is received by RF receiver and processed by microcontroller and finally microcontroller takes decision according to received data.

Joy Stick Controlled Vehcile

In this project we make a small robotic car which can be controlled wirelessly from a remote by using a joystick which helps in controlling the motion of the robot in all the four directions.

Android Robotic Arm

Robotic arms are one of the major robotic technologies used in the industry in this project we are controlling This arm with the help of an Android Application which works as the Remote Control.

Android Robot

With the help of Android application we can control any kind of robot to perform any functions such as moving a robot in forward, reverse, left and right direction.

Wireless Robotic Arms 

This project controls all the movements of the robotic arm with the help of RF based remote control. It has one preprogrammed micro controller at the transmitter end and one preprogrammed micro controller at the receiver end to control all the movements of robotic arm

Gesture Controlled Wheel Chair

In this we have designed an wheelchair which can be controlled by the person on the wheelchair by using their hand gestures, they can control the wheelchair by moving their hand in up, down, left and right directions.

Hunch Car

It is an automobile based project in which we are using pneumatic cylinders to lift up the car when it required during traffic or some other conditions like this in this project we are using Bluetooth for the communication between the Smart Phone and the car to control it.

Line Follower Robot

Line follower robot follows the black line on the white surface with the help of two different sensors. Both the sensors sense the black line and if the sensor comes on the white surface, then robot slightly changes its position and again follows the black line. It is a controller based project.

Driverles Train

It is a automatic train model which runs without any driver. In this have attached IR sensors to check for the stations we arrived when it arrived to the station doors automatically opens and closed after the fixed time intervals. Then it starts to move to the next location, also we have attached other sensors to check breakage in the track or something coming in the direction of train, we also attached an GPS for location checking and the GSM for alert messages.

Anti-Collision Through IR

Its function is to protect one from the collision. In this project, we have two robots. Both have IR sensors to detect each other. Whenever they come close to each other, they automatically stop moving further.

Metro Train With Visitor Control

In this project, we represent the concept of metro train (like automatic opening/closing of gates with automatic stop/start at stations). Along with these features, it counts the passengers using the IR sensor. This project has IR sensors, motor circuits, power supply, and microcontroller and LCD circuits.

Automatic Bottle Filling With Capping

In this project, we present the concept of automatic bottle filling and capping system used in the industry (like soft drink industry). This project consists of a conveyor, sensor assembly and a pump. When conveyor moves, then firstly sensor bottle is filled up for a predefined time and then again conveyor moves further till capping sensor. At this sensor, a vertical arm moves down and caps the bottle. This project has power supply circuit, microcontroller, LCD, motor circuits and sensor assembly.

Fire Extinguisher Robot

In this project we have designed an small robot which can be control by the wireless remote using RF Modules. We have also attached a water pump in this project which throws the water to stop fire.

Android Based Solar Grass Cutter

Grass cutters are very useful equipment used in the various place like hotels, gardens, home, colleges etc. mostly all these cutters works on electricity, fuel or battery. We designed a solar grass cutter which works on the batteries and charged by the solar panels to control this machine we have designed a control system which controls the machine by getting the commands from an Android application, with the help of Bluetooth communication.

Robotic Feet

It is a mechanical foot designed to help the people who are physically disabled. It is leg which moves according to the action of the other legs in this we have attached flex sensor to check the movement of the leg, and a microcontroller to rotate the other leg.

Train Collision Protection System

This project works for providing the safety from train accidents in this project we uses a UDM sensor which detects if any object comes in the front of the train in that condition it automatically applies the brake for stopping an accident.

Lakshman Rekha Robot 

For demonstrating this robot, we mark the white board with black line. Our robot cannot cross the line. Whenever robot senses this rekha, then robot reverses back few steps and again goes forward to locate a breakage in the rekha, if there is no breakage then robot move along the rekha.

Voice Controlled Robot

In this project we have designed an robot which we can control by the speech, we just have to give the voice commands and modules checks it if it valid or not then controls the robot by sending wireless signal to the robot.

Laser Leveler

Laser leveler is machine which is used in the agriculture fields to level the fields with the help of laser, we have designed an small model for repressing the same work in this we are using LDR's, Laser, DC Motors and the Microcontroller.

Auto Path Finder

Its function is to find out the obstacle free path. Whenever it detects some obstacle, it takes decision to move in opposite direction. In this project, we design the robot for auto path finder. In this project, we use two IR sensors on the front of vehicle, two gear DC motors for smooth vehicle driving. In normal condition, this robot moves on the track in forward direction. If any sensor senses obstacle, then robot change its direction by changing the direction of one of its motor for a small time and again moves forward. Both the sensors control the two motors.

Metro Train With LCD

Its functioning is similar to metro train. In this project, we have some stations where a metro will stay for some time. It also has 2 sensors, one at front and second at back, which continuously detect for objects. If front sensor detects some object, then train will move backward and if back sensor detects some object then it moves faster towards front. It includes IR sensors, LCD & microcontroller.

Speech controlled wireless Robot

This project is used to control the any kind of robot via voice commands rather than using remotes, in this we uses Bluetooth as the wireless communication medium

RF Operated Robot

It is a wireless operated robot. It uses the concept of RF communication. In this project, we send the command by RF transmitter, which is received by RF receiver (mounted on robot). According to received signal, the robot will take action.

Automatic Brakes System For Trains

It has been observed many times that severe accidents occur due to negligence of driver. In this project, we make an automatic break system at station. To achieve this, we implement an IR sensor along with the red and green lights of pillar. If the red light is active then auto brakes system of train will be activated and train will stop at some distances.

Automatic Fan Direction control for workshop

It is a very effective to approach to save the energy and maximum utilization of power in workshops. As we know, in workshops, worker has to move here and there and it becomes very tuff for them to work when it is hot. In this project we will make a intelligent fan which will find out the human being’s location and rotate as per his location means as the worker moves fan direction also moves. Circuits used in project are PIR circuit, microcontroller, and motor Circuit.

Auto Cleaner

Its function is to clean the floor and if it detects any object then it sets the object at the corner. It is a two wheel - casted wheel robot. Assume that robot is move, suddenly on the way some object comes in front of the robot then it stops automatically and one cleaning arm removes the object from the front and again senses if there is any interruption, if there is no interruption then robot moves forward. In this project, we use three DC motors - two motors for the robot movement and one motor for the cleaning (removing) the objects.

Color Detection Robot

It is robot which is designed for detecting the specific colors we have designed this robot to follow a specific color e.g. Red, so this project identifies and follows the path which is created by red color only.

P.C. Controlled Robot (RF Based)

In this project we show that how we control the movement of any car with the help of computer and microcontroller. We send commands from our PC which are detected by the microcontroller and converted into a RF signal. A wireless RF receiver is placed on the car which receives the commands and acts accordingly.

Bomb Detector Robot Using Metal Sensor

Bomb detection is a very risky job. A bomb detector robot can be used to bomb detection. These robots are wirelessly operated and have a metal sensor to detect the bomb.

Laser  Operated Robot

In this project, a laser defines the movement of robot. A robot has some specific number of sensing elements. A laser beam is focused on one of that elements and robot takes action according to that. It is a two wheel and a casted wheel robot.

Anti-Falling Robot

This is a new concept of future vehicle. Its function is to protect us from the dig. This robot has 2 wheels and a casted wheel. In normal mode, it is moving with a constant speed. It is a controlled based project. Imagine that if any robot is moving on the surface and there is a big hole in the surface, then to stop the robot from falling in the dig, we design a special depth sensor. Depth sensor automatically senses the depth and changes the direction of vehicle and prevents the vehicle from falling in the hole. It is a microcontroller based project.

Auto Gear System

It basically resembles the auto gear car concept. In this project, a POT is used as an accelerator which is used to speed up/down a DC motor (acting like wheels of car), a digital display is used to show the speed of DC motor (not actual RPM), a stepper motor (acting as a gear) is used which moves according to speed of DC motor. If the speed of DC motor (controlled manually by the use of POT), exceeds predefined limits, then the steps of stepper motor act according to that.

Seeding Robot

It is an automatic project designed for the agriculture purpose in this we are making a robot in which we have to enter the distance after which we want to put the seed in the field then it automatically starts to move and after the distance it stops and put the seed in the field, this project works on the battery which is charged by the solar cell.

GSM Operated Robot

In this project, we control the movement of any car with the DTMF technology and GSM TECHNOLOGY. Car moves according to the command given by our mobile set. In this project, we have a mobile set placed on robot, which acts as a GSM receiver. We can give command to that GSM receiver through any mobile network just at normal call charges. It is a 2 wheel and one casted wheel project

S,Z,O Robot

Function of these robots is to move like ‘S’, ‘Z’, ‘O’ alphabets. It is a 2 wheel and a casted wheel robot.

Android Control Bomb Diffuser Robot

In this project we have designed a robot which we can control through a remote control to diffuse a bomb by cutting the wires in this we have attached a cutter and camera and Zigbee module for wireless communication.