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Project Description :

It is a wireless controlled home appliances system. In this, we use the concept of RF communication. RF means Radio Frequency. We use the radio waves to communicate with the transmitter and receiver end.  We are using a RF transmitter and receiver module, so that transmitter end can communicate with receiver end. A key pad is attached with the RF transmitter which acts as a Controlling key Pad. RF receiver is mounted with the electrical system, which continuously receives the transmitted data. According to received data, microcontroller takes decision and switches ON/OFF the various home appliances. In this, transmitter sends data which is received by RF receiver and processed by microcontroller and finally microcontroller takes decision according to received data. It includes RF modules, microcontroller, LCD, and relays.

Project Details :
  • Name :

    RF Controlled Electrical Devices       


  • Category : Electronics
  • Type : Wireless system
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